1115 Public Comments from NYS Council re:
Continuous Eligibility for Children Up to Age 6

February 12, 2024

Good morning,

As mentioned in the Governor’s State of the State address, NYS intends to file a federal waiver with CMS that would extend continuous Medicaid and Child Health Plus coverage to New Yorkers, ages 0-6 by 9/1/2024.  

Nearly half of all children and over three-quarters of low-income children in New York rely on Medicaid and CHP for their health care. Currently, parents must re-enroll their children in these programs each year, regardless of whether their eligibility has changed.  

Continuous Medicaid coverage for young children would improve health outcomes, prevent financial hardship, and address coverage gaps for families. Children with stable health coverage are more likely to experience improved health outcomes, lower rates of disability, higher educational attainment, and more financial security in adulthood. Considering our growing youth mental health crisis and the obvious need for services to address very young children who are at risk of or may be demonstrating symptoms typically associated with a mental health disorder, we thought it important to weigh in with our comments regarding the state’s recently approved 0-6 waiver and the importance of continuity of care for these New Yorkers.  See our comments linked here.