12/7 Behavioral Health Services Advisory Council

December 19, 2022

On 12/07/22, the Behavioral Health Services Advisory Council (BHASAC) met for their quarterly meeting.  As usual, a portion of the Council meeting was devoted to a review of OASAS and/or OMH regulations that are being proposed for further action.

The agenda for the 12/7 meeting included a discussion of a proposed change to OASAS 819.3

Notice of Proposed Rule making Summary 14 NYCRR Part 819 Amend 14 NYCRR PART 819 SUD Residential Services 819.13 Sunset: Establishes that Part 819 will no longer be effective after December 31, 2023. All Part 819 operating certificates will have no effect after that date. Providers will need to certify under different Parts if they intend to continue providing services beyond that date.

What Happened at the Meeting:
BHASC Advisory Board members had a number of questions for OASAS representatives regarding the proposed rule making that require more time to answer in full.  The proposal was tabled until the next meeting when OASAS reps will answer the numerous questions raised during the discussion of this reg.

Here’s a link to the page with the meeting information to include the agenda and materials from the meeting.  Meeting minutes have not been posted yet.https://omh.ny.gov/omhweb/bh_services_council/bhsac-12072022.html