2016 NYS Council Updates

December 28 – DOL Wage Order Now in Effect

December 28 – Important Request for NYS Council Members Serving Kids

December 21 – NY Selected as One of Eight States for CCBHC Demo

December 20: TIME SENSITIVE!! DSRIP Mid-Point Assessment Initial Recommendations, comments due 12/21!

December 20: Attention Kids TCM/Health Home Providers

December 19: Your NYS Council Membership

December 19: Last week’s VBP Town Hall Meeting for Healthcare / Behavioral Healthcare Membership Association Reps

December 19: DSRIP — Important Opportunity to Impact Potential Changes to Your PPS

December 16: ACTION ALERT: Please Call Governor Cuomo on December 19th to Ask Him to Sign the NY Fail First Bill into Law!

December 14: TIME SENSITIVE! Please Help Us to Help You.

December 13: NYS Council Annual Conference Update, Clarification and Slides

December 12: Notes from SDoH/OMH/OASAS Provider Association Meeting 12/12

December 9: Notes from Today’s VAP Grant Provider Webinar

December 9: NYS Council Conference a Success!  Recap and Slides Available

December 8: SDOH Uncompensated Care Webinar Archived here

December 6: Book Recommendation from NYS Council

December 5: Register Today for December 15 Webinar on Confidentiality and Privacy

December 2: NYS VBP Initiative & Quality Measures

December 2: Summary of Amends to Nonprofit Revitalization Act signed 11/28/16 by Gov. Cuomo

December 2: TAKE ACTION NOW!  House reaches deal on Opioid and MH Funding TO SENATE NOW OUR FOCUS

December 1: Power Point Slides used during SDoH webinar on Safety Net Payments

November 28: Your Response Needed – NYS Council Membership Directory Update

November 28: Don’t Forget to Register TODAY for NYS Council Annual Conference!

November 28: Lawyers Alliance for Nonprofit Employers re:  New Overtime Rules

November 28 – NYS Council Comments re: VBP BH Chronic Conditions Report

November 28 – NYS Council submits comments to NYS DOL on salary thresholds

November 28 – Sign On Letter to CMS re: Impact to MH on pending SPA

November 23: VERY IMPORTANT INFO. re: Federal Overtime Rule

November 23 – Update on Uncompensated Care and VAP

November 18 – Uncompensated Care Reimbursement

November 18 – Agenda for NYS Council Annual Conference & Business Meeting

November 17 – NYS Council Comments Submitted to CMS re:  Medicaid Waiver

November 16 – Good News from The White House:  MAT Expansion

November 16 – TIME SENSITIVE:  Register for the Nov 29 Rest of State BH MC Plan Provider Roundtable

November 14 – ACT NOW: Seeking comments on NYS application for Medicaid waiver

November 9 – Important Update re: Uncompensated Care Issue

November 9 – Compliance Training Webinar Series Changed to Confidentiality Series

November 8 – SOMH Licensed Providers Read This: DRAFT Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

November 2 – CCBHC Initiative Update

October 31: Comment Period Open:  Value Based Payment CAG for BH Chronic Conditions

October 25: Mathematica Report on Medicaid to Psych Hospitals

October 24: Adult BH MMC Implementation – ROS

October 20: State Kicks Off Children’s Health Value Based Payment Subcommittee

October 20: Behavioral Health in Schools RFI project

October 20: NYS DOH DRAFT Provider Contract Guidelines for MCOs, IPAs, and ACOs

October 20: ACTION ALERT:  Tell Congress to Fully Fund CARA

October 17: Additional Info re: HCBS Services and Rates

October 17: Important Info re: HCBS Rates

October 14: Save the Dates! – NYS Council Annual Conference

October 14: Compliance Training Series for NYS Council Members

October 4: Updates on HCBS Funding and VAP

October 3: Federal Overtime Rule

September 29: NYS Council Letter of Support for HCBS Rate Increase

September 21: UPDATE:  NYS Uncompensated Care Pool

September 15: High Priority:  Recently Discussed Initiative regarding VBP for OMH & OASAS providers

August 24: Q & A  on Health Care Facility Transformation Program Released

August 9: NYS Council HCBS Implementation Issue Raised with State Leads

August 1: Important Info re: Nonprofit Intrastructure Capital Investment Program

July 29: DSRIP & Licensure Threshold Applications

July 28: Important Info about DSRIP & BH Projects

July 26: Federal Overtime Rule

July 5: Breaking News re:  Suboxone Prescribers

June 22: NYC HARP Enrollment and Reinvestment Strategy

June 21: IMPORTANT: Budget Approp Update: Healthcare Transformation Program (HTP) & CBO set aside

June 21: Quick Update for Recent VAP Award Recipients

June 20: NYS Council Update re:  Status of NY’s Uncompensated Care Pool

June 17: Update & Summary on UCP Issue

June 16: Step Therapy Bill Passes in Both Houses

June 14: Great work on Opioid/Heroin Package!  RMS Summary here.

June 9: Stand Up for What’s Right! Help Us to Help You!

June 9: DOL Overtime Rule

June 8: NYS Council ‘All Products’ Bills Moving – Seeking Your Assistance!

June 2: Children’s Managed Care Transition Update

June 1: NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE! Help Us Strike Unfair Language from State Statute

May 31: NYS Council Awarded Technical Assistance (TA) Subcontract for NYS Practice Transformation Network; Invitation to Join the Project

May 18: DOL Announces Final Rule Amending Overtime Requirements

May 16: Update on Legislative Issues

May 16: State Fiscal Plan Contains Bad News

May 16: NYS CCBHC Applicants

May 2: PLEASE TAKE ACTION TODAY: Ask Congress to Block DOL’s Federal Overtime Rule

April 23: Minimum Wage Impact 

April 21: National Council Care Transitions Network

April 8: NYS Council Comments re: Updated Value-Based Payment Roadmap

April 7: Notes from State Initial Discussions re:  Minimum Wage Deal

April 7: Registration is now limited so sign up today to attend VBP Readiness Webinar !!

April 4: Check This Out!  NYS Council State Budget Outcomes

April 1: Final Health/MH Budget Update document

March 31: Instructions for Notifying NYSDOH if Prescriber Must Use Exception to E-Prescribing Mandate and Use Paper/Oral Prescription

March 29: Good News!! A07846A – All Products Prohibition Passed in the Assembly

March 25: Immediate Action Needed – Uncompensated Care Pool

March 25: Call to Action: We Need Your Help on Minimum Wage

March 25: Important Reminder on E-Prescribing Law Effective March 27

March 24: NYS Council State Budget Update

March 24: Good News for OMH and OASAS Children’s Providers

March 23: NYS Council State Budget Update

March 22: NYS Council Budget Advocacy:  Healthcare Transformation Resources for CBO’s

March 22: Good News on All Products Legislation

March 22: Medicaid Wraparound for People Coming Home from Prisons and Jails

March 22: Upcoming Webinar: Learn About the Care Transitions Network in New York State

March 21: NYS Council Action Alert:  Uncompensated Care Pool

March 18: NYS Council Requesting Your Assistance on All Products Legislation

March 18: Our Children’s System Needs Investment

March 17: Important Info & Request for Feedback re:  VBP Roadmap

March 16: State Budget & Behavioral Health APG Government Rates

March 15: NYS Council on the Move in Albany!!

March 8: State Budget Update

March 3: Support the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act

March 3: DSRIP Opt Out Process – Info and Fact Sheet

March 2: $225 Million Revenue Consensus Reached

March 1: Press Conference on Minimum Wage Issue

February 26: NYS Awarded Planning Grant to Develop Community BH Clinics (CCBHC) Model

February 17: Update on Uncompensated Care Pool Issue

February 16: Federal 2017 Budget Proposal Block Grant Spending Allotments

February 11: Action Needed: Uncompensated Care Pools

February 10: Notes from NYS Council re:  Budget Advocacy

February 10: NYS COUNCIL ACTION ALERT — Uncompensated Care Pool

February 9: Training Opportunity for Care Managers

February 4: NYS Council Mental Hygiene Hearing Written Testimony

January 29: NYS Council Health/Medicaid Budget Testimony

January 27: NYS Council Policy Priority:  “In lieu of” standards

January 26: Help us Quantify What the Proposed Minimum Wage Increase Will Cost

January 12: Wage Proposals

January 10: Gov. Cuomo Announces Criminal Justice/Re-Entry Package

January 7: SUD Insurance Workgroup Final Report