2017 NYS Council Updates

December 29 – IDC Weighs In with Budget Priorities

December 27 – 2018 State of the State: 14 Proposals ‘On the Street’ So Far

December 26 – Good News re: Reimbursement for Services to Child Health Plus Beneficiaries

December 26 – 2017 End of Year Letter

December 26 – Notes from the Children’s Medicaid Transformation HCBS and SPA Rate Review Webinar

December 22 – Minimum Wage and COLA Attestations

December 21 – What’s Next For CHIP?

December 20 – Power Point re: Dept. of Labor Scheduling Regs (OPWDD edition)

December 20 – State of the State Proposals (partial list to date) and beyond

December 19 – UPDATE: Buprenorphine Prescriber Bill/Sign-On

December 18 – IMPORTANT re: NP and PA Limits for Prescribing Bupenorphine

December 18 – Still Time to Act on Tax Reform

December 18 – Last Chance: Sign-On Today!

December 15 – Federal Serious Mental Illness Committee Report

December 15 – Politico Pro Guide to the Executive Branch

December 15 – Good News! Johnson Amendment repeal won’t be in final tax bill

December 14 – Resources to Address Opioid/Heroin Crisis

December 13 – UPDATED Tax Reform Alert- Leaders Strike Agreement on Final Bill

December 12 – Tax Reform Action Alert!

December 12 – Reminder: Register Today for Free Care Manager/Supervisor Training

December 11 – OMH/OASAS RHIO/QE Connections and Barriers Survey – 2017

December 7 – RTA-NY Update and Letter to Governor Cuomo

December 7 – Power Point Presentations from NYS Council Annual Conference

December 7 – Federal Updates- Spending Deadline, Tax Reform, CHIP

December 6 – Please Sign On and Share with Your Members!

December 6 – Milliman Report: States struggle with access to mental health services

December 6 – First 1000 Days on Medicaid Update and Opportunity for Input

December 5 – Investing in Comprehensive, Community-Based Behavioral Health

December 5 – Reminder about NYS Council Children’s Committee

December 5 – Parity Enforcement Study and Commercial Rates

December 5 – Action Alert – Tax Reform

December 4 – Free Care Manager/Supervisor Training Available

December 3 – Penn Wharton Budget Model

December 1 – CCBHC Impact Survey: Early Results Are In!

December 1 – Regulatory Modernization Workgroup Recommendations for the Integration of Primary Care and Behavioral Health

November 30 – Critical Federal Updates

November 22 – 2018 Legislative Session calendar

November 21 – 2017 Roadmap Updates

November 21 – Cuomo Mulls Legal Injection Sites

November 20 – Useful Resource: Risk Template

November 16 – Help Us Help You and the Individuals You Serve

November 16 – NYS Budget Making Process Guide

November 16 – Materials from VBP Readiness Forum

November 15 – Update on CHIP

November 14 – Action Alert: Tax Reform Proposals and Johnson Amendment

November 14 – Important Commercial Insurance Conversation to be Held at NYS Council Conference

November 14 – Where DSRIP ‘CBO’ Funds Went

November 13 – Guidance from OASAS General Counsel

November 9 – For Children’s Service Providers: Children’s Transition Webinar Updates

November 9 – Important re: MCO use of “lesser of charge” clause

November 9 – Federal Bill Seeks to Grant Gov’s Power to Subvert ACA

November 9 – Important Development in Addiction Treatment Arena

November 8 – Your Participation Needed: NYS Council Member Survey on Commercial Insurance

November 7 – 2018 VBP Reporting Requirements Technical Specifications Manual

November 7 – OMH Managed Care Update – November 2017

November 7 – CMS Administrator Outlines Vision for Medicaid- References Openness to Work Requirements

November 7 – Comptroller Estimates Budget Deficit at $8.73 Billion (with a “B”)

November 7 – UPDATE on CMS Medicaid Waiver Guidance

November 6 – Note from VBP Readiness listserv re: BHCCs

November 6 – Complimentary: Compliance Update from The Compliance Consortium

November 6 – Remember to Sign Up for the First Meeting of the NYS Council Children’s Committee

November 6 – Politico: CMS Drafting Guidance on Medicaid Work Requirement Waivers

November 3 – Potential Impacts of Republican Tax Reform Bill

November 3 – House Approves CHIP Funding Bill That Would Cut $10B from ACA Fund

November 3 – Parity Tracking Initiative

November 2: More details on Opioid Commission Report

November 2: Have you registered for the NYS Council Conference?

November 1 – Minimum Wage and Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) Increase

November 1: Bill Summary: Amended H.R. 3922, CHIP and Health Centers – Act Today!

November 1: Opioid Commission Recommendations document said to omit Request for New Funding

November 1: Federal Policy Guidance Changes to Support State Initiatives to Tackle Opioid Epidemic

October 26: NYS Council Children’s Committee

October 26 – Trump Declares Opioid Crisis a National Health Emergency

October 25: Tax Reform Efforts and Threats to Medicaid and Medicare

October 25: State-specific Fact Sheets for Advocates and Stakeholders

October 24: Documents Distributed at Primary Care / Behavioral Healthcare Regulatory Modernization Workgroup

October 20 – Federal Updates/News Roundup

October 20 – PPS Innovation Funds

October 18 – Registration Underway for NYS Council Conference

October 18 – Governor Cuomo Announces $19M in Federal Funding to Increase Access to Addiction Services

October 17 – Senators Announce Potential Agreement to Continue CSR Payments

October 17 – Congressman Tonko Introduces “Medicaid Reentry Act”

October 16 – What Elimination of CSR Payments Means for NYS

October 13 – Of Particular Interest to NYS Council Hospital Members re: DSH

October 12 – NYS DOH guidance for Medicaid Managed Care (MMC) and the payment of APG rates

October 12 – President Signs Executive Order on ACA Reform

October 11 – UPDATES on Federal Priorities

October 10 – Notes from Meeting with DOH Officials

October 6 – Hill Day ’17- THANK YOU!

October 1 – Telehealth Articles of Interest

September 30 – Children’s VBP Recommendations & Next Mtg of state’s VBP Workgroup

September 29 – Save the Dates – NYS Council Annual Conference

September 27 – Co-location and the PCBH Regulatory Modernization Workgroup

September 27 – VBP Roadmap Year 3 Update – Your Thoughts?

September 27 – NYS Council Goes to the Hill As Governor Warns NY Republicans

September 22 – Keep Calling and Spread the Word to Extend CHIP Funding and Stop the Graham-Cassidy ACA Repeal Bill

September 20 – VBP Bootcamps Dates & Info plus Reg Link for Albany event

September 20 – VBP Readiness Program Application Available

September 19 – Keep Up the Pressure to Extend CHIP Funding and Stop the Graham-Cassidy ACA Repeal Bill

September 19 – Slides from Webinar on Children’s Medicaid System Transformation Overview

September 18 – Action Needed Today to Stop Latest ACA Repeal and Replace Plan

September 15 – UPDATES: CHIP Funding and ACA Repeal Efforts

September 14 – NYS Council Comments re: Technical Specifications for VBP Quality Measures Set & QARR

September 13 – New York Primary Election Update

September 13 – Child & Adolescent VBP Subcommittee and CAG Report

September 11 – NYS Council Comments re: draft Children’s BH Transition Plan

September 8 – Summary & Attachments from recent PHHPC Strategic Retreat

September 7 – Latest on Federal Healthcare Reform Efforts and What You Can Do

September 6 – Senate Finance Committee to Hold CHIP Reauthorization Hearing 9/7

August 28 – Heads Up: We’ll be working on Telehealth & Barriers to Use at these WG Meetings

August 28 – FYI on Federal Family First Prevention Services Act

August 28 – More from NYS re: last week’s VBP, Social Determinants of Health & CBOs Webinar

August 25 – Webinar Notes and link to Presentation: State’s VBP Initiative, the Role of CBOs and Social Determinants of Health Interventions

August 25 – Power Point Slide Deck from 8/24 Children’s Medicaid Transition Plan Webinar

August 24 – JCope Proposes Overhaul of Lobby Regs

August 24 – NYS Council Children’s Providers: NEW DATE for NYS Council Conf Call re: Children’s Transition Plan

August 24 – State Launches VBP University, Semester 2

August 24 – NYS Continues Movement Toward Incorporation of Alternative Payment Models in Medicaid Contracts

August 21: NYS Council Notes: Integrated Primary and Behavioral Health Workshop

August 20: NYS Council Comments re: RFA for Statewide Healthcare Facility Transformation Program II Funds

August 18: RSVP Today for Upcoming Regional Meetings

August 15: Children’s MMC Transition Plan Input

August 11: Outpatient Services (IOS) Application Instructions under the 404 Regulations

August 11: Advocacy Efforts on Full and Timely Payment by MCOs

August 10: Important Information re: JCOPE Lobbying Regs

August 8: Quick Children’s Providers Update

August 8: SAMHSA Gains Ctr: Comment on Draft Core Competencies for Peers Working in CJ Settings

August 7: First 1000 Days on Medicaid Initiative

August 1: NYS Children’s Health & Behavioral Health Benefit Administration: Medicaid Managed Care Organization Children’s System Transformation Requirements and Standards

August 1: VBP University is Here

July 28: Useful Assembly Health Committee Update and NYS Council Outcomes

July 28: Senate Votes Down “Skinny” Repeal- What Happens Next?

July 27: Update on Senate Process to Repeal Parts of Obamacare

July 27: “Skinny Bill” Eliminates “Unpopular” Parts of ACA? Not Quite!

July 26: Senate Votes Down “Repeal and Delay” Measure

July 26: Make Your Voice Heard At Hill Day This Year!

July 26: Keep Fighting With Us Against ACA Repeal

July 25: Senate Passes Motion to Proceed

July 25: Senate Healthcare Reform- Keep Up the Fight!

July 24: OASAS 2017-2018 Enacted Budget Summary

July 21: OASAS on Mandatory Learning Thursday’s to Address Block Grant Compliance

July 19: Consider Sharing Public Comment on NY’s 1115 Waiver

July 18: MCO and State Advocacy

July 13: Register Today for National Council Hill Day!

July 12: Children’s VBP Subcommittee Mtg Notes & Slides

July 11: ACTION ALERT- Senate Healthcare Reform

July 11: HARP HCBS Interim Rate Update

July 10: Children’s SPA/HCBS Provider Designation Application

July 10: New risks to Non-profits

July 6: Webinar Information: How Medicaid Cuts will Harm States

June 27: Governor’s Panel on Healthcare Under Fed Healthcare Reform Proposal

June 27: AGENDA – NYS Council Regional Meetings

June 23: Make a Call TODAY Against the Senate Healthcare Bill

June 23: Notes from Children’s MRT Meeting

June 23: Register for NYS Council Regional Meetings Today

June 22: NY End of Session Update from NYS Council/RMS

June 22: Senate Draft Healthcare Reform text released

June 20: State legislation Action Alert: Session winding down and our bills gaining momentum

June 20: ACTION ALERT: Your Voice Needed to Preserve Medicaid


June 14: Senate Completes Passage of Drug Bill Package

June 13: Draft Opioid/Heroin Proposal

June 13: Please Help us Get the All Products Bill Passed – Act Today!

June 12: Senate Bill related to SUD Insurance Coverage

June 12: Sen. Hannon & Healthcare Transformation Pool funds

June 9: New Heroin and Opioid Package to be Introduced

June 7: REQUEST FOR ADVOCACY– NYS Council All Products Bill on the Move

June 2 – SAVE THE DATE!  NYS Council Regional Meetings

May 25 – S6219/A8011 – New Bill from the NYS Council Introduced this Week in Assembly & Senate

May 23 – We Need You to Push All Products Legislation Today

May 22 – Action Needed Today on All Products bill (S.877/A.23)

May 18 – VBP Readiness NOI Deadline Extended to June 16

May 16 – Two Articles of Interest re: Pass Through Payments & VBP

May 15 – Take Action to Protect Non-Profits from Demands for Endorsements & Contributions by Politicians

May 12 – OASAS Training – Initial Response & Investigation of Significant Incidents

May 12 – NYS Council Language for new Parity Guide bill

May 12 – Senator Ortt Introduces S6219, NYS Council ‘Timely Payment’ bill

May 11 – Big News for Children’s Provider Organizations

May 10 –  Announcement from the NYS Council – We Are Growing!

May 8 – MMC billing for duals


May 2 – Notes from VAP and Medicaid Roundtable Mtgs

May 1 – Take Action to Oppose the AHCA

May 1 – Time Sensitive! Protect NFP’s from being hounded for partisan political contributions & endorsements


April 26 – NYS Council Moving to Protect Essential Health Benefits

April 26: GOP’s Deal to Repeal Obamacare Released

April 25: UPDATE: NYS Council Acts to Protect Nonprofit Nonpartisanship

April 24: May 4 Tracer Methodology Webinar

April 20: Changes for NYS Not-for-Profit Corporations

April 19: New York’s Healthcare Hotline

April 17 – Ad in C&S on Workforce Increase

April 13 – NYS VBP Update – Roadmap receives federal approval

April 11: Notes from today’s NYS Children’s MRT Behavioral Health Workgroup meeting

April 11: Notice from OASAS about CFR Filing Deadlines

April 11: State Budget and Health Homes

April 11: Tracer Methodology Webinar – New Date on May 4

April 10: Final Budget Analysis:  Health & Mental Hygiene Chart

April 10: RMS Final Budget Revenue Report

April 8: Saturday Budget Update:  HFTF Language Nuance & Additional Budget Items of Interest

April 8: Assembly Speaker Heastie details Raise the Age agreement

April 7: Cap Approps budget bill & Healthcare Facilities Transformation Fund language

April 5: State Budget Deal/Notes from Governor’s Budget Press Conference

April 5: NYS Council Comments re: draft MCO Children’s Transition Standards & Requirements documents

April 5: State Budget and Health Homes

April 4: State Budget Update

April 4: ACA Repeal Back on the Table

April 3: Budget:  NYS in Unchartered Waters

April 3: Senate Passed & Assembly Expected to Pass Budget Extender until May 31, 2017

April 3: Budget Extender Legislation & NYS Council Priorities

March 31: Heads Up:  Trump Wants to Repeal Johnson Amendment

March 30: Attention NYS Council Hospitals:  CMS on DSH Payments

March 29: Federal Funding Brief from Fiscal Policy Institute

March 28: Update on Workforce Budget Deal

March 27: State Budget Update

March 27: Please Help us to Help you re: State Budget

March 23: House vote on the AHCA postponed

March 22: Letter to Speaker Ryan

March 22: Important: Advocacy on Workforce “Asks”

March 21: Federal Update

March 20: State Budget: General Budget Conference Committee and Mental Hygiene Committee

March 18: NYS Council Advocacy:  Opioid/Heroin Epidemic

March 17: More re: Trump Budget Proposal

March 16: State Budget:  Comparison Chart and Request for Assistance

March 15: Follow-up from this morning’s Contracting Webinar with Adam Falcone

March 13: Senate and Assembly Release One-House Budget Bills

March 13: CBO Score of House Republicans’ ACA Repeal Bill

March 10: Notes from Children’s HCBS Webinar

March 9: Cuomo Admin Releases Brief Analysis of House Bill that would Repeal and Replace the ACA

March 9: Tracer Methodology Webinar TODAY for NYS Council Members Only

March 8: NYS Council Membership Dues

March 7: News from Albany re: Health Home & HCBS Services

March 6: NYS Council Members – We need your assistance regarding the budget

March 4: Draft ACA Repeal and Replace Legislation & Medicaid

March 2: NYS Council Update re: ‘Safety Net’ and VAP Payments & 2017 Dues Payments

February 27: March 9 Tracer Methodology Webinar for NYS Council Members Only

February 25: NP’s & PA’s Waiver to Prescribe Buprenorphine

February 23: NYS Council “Members Only” Contracting Webinar

February 21: Behavioral Health Medicaid Managed Care Updates

February 14: NYS Council in Crain’s Health Pulse re: commercial rates

February 13: Time Sensitive Request for Info on MMC

February 7: Joint Legislative Schedule for State Budget Adoption

February 7: Updates and Notes from 2/7 Meeting with State Agency Leaders

February 7: Update re: Safety Net Payments

February 7: CMS Final Rule – Medicare Payments for Integrated Behavioral Health Services

February 6: NYS Council on Governor’s Mental Hygiene Budget proposal

February 2: PCDC to Administer $19.5 Million Capital Loan Fund

February 1: Attention HCBS Providers — New Funding Opportunity

January 30: OASAS Guidance Update re: Governor’s 2016 Laws

January 26: E/M CPT Code 99358 Change:  Attention Psychiatrists Serving Medicare Clients 

January 19: NYS Council Government Relations ’17-18 Executive Budget Update: Health/Mental Hygiene

January 19: Changes to Federal Regulations Governing Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Records

January 17 – Preliminary Proposed State Budget Details

January 13 – NYS Council Children’s Managed Care Update

January 12 – NYS Council on Commercial Insurance and Access to Care

January 11: News from Children’s BH MRT Meeting

January 11: New Report from Empire Center focuses on NY’s “healthcare tax”

January 10: State of the State Proposals

January 6: Federal Participation Requirements

January 6: New Year … New Jobs?

January 5: Kids Providers:  CMS on EPSDT Services and Medicaid Managed Care

January 5: Kids Providers Update

January 3: UPDATE:  Safety Net (formerly known as Uncompensated Care) Issue

January 1: NYS Council Assembly All Products Bill Re-Introduced for 2017 Legislative Session