2023 Health/Mental Hygiene End of Session Bill Update as of 6/20/23

June 21, 2023

Please see note below and document attached.  The Assembly is still in session.  We are still pushing for the telehealth rate parity bill for FQHCs that would also extend FTF reimbursement for telehealth until 2026.  We’ll talk more about these outcomes tomorrow morning during our NYS Council Public Policy call at 9:15 a.m.   As stated below, the attached document isn’t FINAL until the Assembly adjourns and we’ve had an opportunity to update the outcomes from the Assembly session.

Subject: 2023 H/MH End of Session Bill Update- as of 6/20/23
To: Lauri Cole <lauri@nyscouncil.org>

Hi Lauri,

Attached is our sector-by-sector Health/Mental Hygiene summary of bills passed by both houses this session, as of June 20th.  I wanted you to have this for your meeting tomorrow morning but it does not contain the bills taken up by the Assembly today that have already passed the Senate in the H/MH space.  After the Assembly adjourns (expected later tonight) we will add those bills and then send this out as FINAL.