NYS Council Recommendations for SAPT Block Grant Initiatives

March 22, 2021

Last week OASAS announced a meeting for advocates where we could put forward our recommendations for how the Office should use approximately $104M in additional SAPT Block Grant funds stemming from the December 2020 federal budget deal that included a COVID Relief Package.  Discussion of these funds was included in the Governor’s executive budget proposal as ‘dry appropriations’ meaning that the money was generally accounted for but actual destinations for the funds were not lined out.

The funds are appropriated in a two year cycle and are non-recurring. As such OASAS requested we submit brief proposals that could fund one-time initiatives.  Nevertheless and as you will see, we have included certain revenue-based proposals that could provide rate add-on’s and other value-based opportunities to help spur innovation, enhance recruitment and retention efforts, address serious needs across the OASAS system, and (ideally) compel government to make the add-on’s permanent.

The December 2020 COVID Relief deal requires that at least 50% of the SAPT Block Grant Funds coming in to New York must go to providers whereas the more recent American Rescue Plan (passed a few weeks ago) does not have the same requirement. This means we will need  closely monitor and advocate to ensure all of the funds from the second deal make their way to the OASAS system of care.

Thanks are due to all NYS Council members who forwarded suggestions for how these resources should be spent.  If I missed something important to you please let me know!

Please see attached document.