Action Alert: Please make calls regarding State Contract Payments Due July 1

June 26, 2020

NYS Council members,

The NYS Council has been focused on advocacy designed to compel state leaders to keep their commitments (contractual and otherwise) to the care recipients who rely on our services each day, as well as our workforce that continues to ‘lean in’  during the COVID-19 crisis proving once again that they are true heroes.  We will continue to push representatives in the Governor’s Office, DoB and elsewhere to prioritize all New Yorker’s health and mental health by keep their commitments to our organizations.  And we will share examples of the damage that is being done as providers struggle to make ends meet, complete future budget planning exercises, and address immediate cash flow needs while continuing to provide safe and effective care.  We fear this is only the beginning of a protracted situation where state funds are micromanaged to a point where providers are forced to take drastic steps. We believe it is simply unacceptable for providers to be kept in the dark on these matters, hanging by the edge of their seats.  

We have now learned that State contract payments are being delayed by the State as a way to manage cash flow. This is an unacceptable way for the State to treat their nonprofit partners. We have sent a letter to the Governor and to Legislative leaders highlighting this issue, but we need your help!

Call your State Senators and Assembly representatives today to ensure they know how this issue is affecting organizations in their district that serve their constituents.

Step 1: Find your State Senators and Assembly representative/s and their contact information by clicking here.

Step 2: Call your representatives and state the following:

Hello, My name is [name] and I work at [name of agency] in your district. We provide mental health and substance use services to thousands of New Yorkers annually.  We appreciate your effort to support our work as we strive to provide the members of our community with high quality, low cost mental health and substance use disorder services.  

I’m calling to tell you that we are currently facing a delay in state contract payments (7/1) that will threaten our ability to continue to operate. Without prompt payment from the state, [describe impact of payment delays on your agency, eg: layoffs, program closures, beds lost, etc].  We know the state has difficult tough decisions to make, but the budget must not be balanced by harming community-based organizations and the individuals they serve, especially when the need for services is greater than ever due to COVID-19. Thank you for your time, and for standing up for behavioral health funding.