Additional Budget Information

April 9, 2022

Good afternoon,

1) As everyone knows, advocates from across the behavioral health field pushed hard to make sure all Health Home (HH) Programs (and their staff) would be eligible for the 5.4% COLA.  Unfortunately, while Health Home Plus (regulated by OMH) IS eligible for COLA, the HH Program (and so, the care managers) that is under the jurisdiction of DoH is not eligible for the COLA.   Also, the NYS SHP under OTDA was left out of the list of COLA eligible programs and services.

2) NY Focus article The story at the link below discusses criminal justice changes as the result of recent state budget agreements. Towards the end of the story in the “Here’s What Made It In” section, you can click on the arrows that appear next to the particular issue to read more about what happened on a specific topic.

3)  Below is a summary of the appropriations of interest from the final Aid to Localities budget bill (A9003D/S8003D), as compared to the Executive Budget proposals. Please see Mental Hygiene sub-sections in the document attached.


  • All Funds spending is reduced by approx. $43M from Executive Budget
  • MCO Recoupment funding obtained as result of NYS Council advocacy remains at $37M* (state share) as proposed by Exec
  • COLA funding remains at $33.7M for 5.4% one year as proposed by Exec
  • Minimum Wage funding remains at $2M as proposed by Exec
  • CHAMP funding included as two appropriations- $1.5M and $5M, as proposed by Exec including added funding in 30 day amendments
  • Opioid Settlement Fund amount in fund reduced to $208M from the $265,952,000 proposed by the Exec (we are working to determine why)
  • Public Health Approach to Opioid Addiction Effort amount of $200M included, consistent with what was proposed by Exec (language included saying funds may be transferred to State Operations or OASAS with the approval of the Director of DOB for this purpose)
  • Problem Gambling funding is increased by $6M over what was proposed by Exec
  • NYC Substance Abuse Prevention & Intervention Specialists new funding in the amount of $2M is provided in final budget for this
  • Member Initiatives new funding is provided for a number of member initiatives under OASAS, see page 1034 in the attached.


  • All Funds spending is increased by approx. $48M, for Adult Services from Executive Budget
  • Community Residence & Family Based Treatment funding is increased by approx. $25.5M (ARPA funding), above what proposed by Exec budget
  • Recruitment & Retention of Psychiatrists, Psychiatric NPs $9M in new funding line included in final budget for this purpose
  • MCO Recoupment funding recouped as result of NYS Council advocacy remains at $74M* (state share) as proposed by Exec.  
  • Community Mental Health Residential Program funding increased by approx. $4.5M above Exec budget for this program
  • COLA funding remains at $95M for 5.4% one-year COLA as proposed by Exec
  • Minimum Wage funding remains at $5.4M as proposed by Exec
  • Member Initiatives new funding is provided for a number of member initiatives under OMH, see page 1060 in the attached.

 * Indicates state share only.  These funds increased to $222M with the federal match.  Note:  OMH is using a significant portion of these funds to make what would have been a temporary eFMAP increase for OMH Outpatient Clinics, permanent.  We have pushed for OASAS to do the same.  

The anticipated increase for OMH Outpatient Clinic is 10.67% when funds are compounded, and the OASAS Outpatient Clinic increase is around 10%, maybe a bit higher.  (Again, it is unclear at this moment how much of this is permanent).