Advocacy for COLA Spotlights Northern Rivers,
a NYS Council Member Agency

December 2, 2022

Earlier this week, Spectrum News produced a story about Nicole Graham, a Supervisor at Northern Rivers Family of Services. The NYS Council is incredibly proud to represent Northern Rivers and the agencies under the Northern Rivers umbrella.

Nicole made the case for why it is so important that there be an 8.5% COLA in the Governor’s executive budget proposal.  Of course, you will recognize the dedication and perseverance Nicole brings to her job every day.  Northern Rivers is lucky to have her, and there are thousands of talented staff like Nicole working in NYS Council member agencies across New York.   

THANK YOU to Bill Gettman and his team at Northern Rivers for participating in this ongoing advocacy campaign to highlight the critical work of our staff, and the importance of viable community-based agencies to the overall health and wellbeing of our local communities. 

Here’s the media spot: