ANNOUNCEMENT: BH IPA Funding Opportunity

November 30, 2023

For your information.

(I sent a note to the BHCC/BH IPAs a few weeks ago letting them know this was happening, but without much detail.)  

Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: BH IPA Funding Opportunity
Importance: High

BH IPA Partners,

New York State is excited to announce a new funding opportunity for BH IPAs, contingent on CMS approval. Please consider this a general announcement for planning purposes, as NYS works to finalize guidance and application details.

Similar to previous funding, this opportunity is a value based payment (VBP) arrangement, with fund retention dependent on meeting prescribed measures. This opportunity is intended to improve statewide hospital discharge planning and connection to community services in alignment with other NYS initiatives.

Funding will be competitive, with 5-10 awards. Awards will be made with statewide coverage in mind. BH IPAs may apply individually or as a group of two or more BH IPAs. These group collaborations may span more than one OMH field office region. BH IPAs are encouraged to begin potential partnership conversations.

The following elements are under consideration for scoring applications, with additional elements pending further analysis:

  • Network providers spanning the complete continuum of behavioral health care, as well as care related to physical health and social needs
  • Demonstration of network provider support of the BH IPA
  • Operational and sustainability plans
  • Participation in non-state funded VBP arrangements

NYS intends to provide technical assistance regarding funding structure, application, and guidance.

Thank you,

The NYS BH VBP Readiness Team