Assembly One House and Senate bills

March 14, 2023

Attached please find the actual Health/Mental Hygiene portion of the Senate one house bill (earlier today we sent you the Senate Resolution which is a summary of their positions on various issues).

Also attached please find a summary of Assembly one house proposals.  Health and Mental Hygiene proposals begin on page 43-1.

Some highlights:
Assembly supports our request for an 8.5% COLA (as does the Senate) (See Assembly Summary Book page 109)

The Assembly also provides $50 million to Community Based Organizations as follows:  $30 million to increase Federally Qualified Health Center telehealth rates, $10 million to further expand the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) Program, and $10 million to expand the CCBHC Indigent Care Program.   As you know, both of these are high priority NYS Council asks.  This means the Assembly heard our request for additional Demo slots (beyond those 26 proposed in the Governor’s budget) and is adding to the amount currently available to expand the CCBHC Demo Program.  Assembly also heard our requests to ensure there is funding in the CCBHC Indigent Care Pool to address the needs of Demo providers that see a high proportion of New Yorkers who are underinsured.