Attention CCBHC Expansion Grant Applicants

March 9, 2021

On a call with National Council staff right now.   This could change slightly but here is the info:

The COVID Relief bill that is now back with the House awaiting a final vote after having passed in the Senate with some amendments over the weekend includes approximately $420 million in additional funds for the CCBHC Program and specifically, for CCBHC expansion grants.

I’m told that there were a total of 200 expansion grant applications submitted by providers across the country for the SAMHSA deadline of March 1, and that the $420M in new funds (discussed above) PLUS the amount that was appropriated in the December COVID Relief Package is enough to fund approximately 180 of the 200 applicants received by SAMHSA for the March 1 deadline.

The takeaway here is that if you applied for a CCBHC expansion grant for the 3/1 deadline, you have good odds of being funded!