BHCC/BH IPA eFMAP Spending Proposal Approved by CMS

March 31, 2022

Good news!

As you may know, the NYS Council continues to convene and support the NYS BHCC/BH IPA Collaborative.  I just sent the following news to the leads of the various BHCC/BH IPAs that are part of the group.  In summary, the proposal that would deliver up to $20M in additional funds to eligible BHCC/BH IPAs that was submitted to CMS as part of the state’s eFMAP Spending Plan last August, has been approved.  

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From: Lauri Cole <>
Date: Thu, Mar 31, 2022 at 10:52 AM
Subject: Big News!

Good morning,

I just spoke to OMH and I am pleased to report that CMS has approved the BHCC/BH IPA eFMAP Spending Plan proposal.

State agency leads do not yet know how long it will be before funds go out the door to eligible entities, and potential recipients will need to agree to the structure for how funds will flow.  To this point,

Congratulations to the NYS BHCC/BH IPA Collaborative for your advocacy that has resulted in this outcome!