Budget Notes

May 1, 2023

As we stated last night, some budget bills are printed and will be voted on shortly. Specifically, the “Revenue”, Health & Mental Hygiene, and Public Protection and General Government Article VII Bills were posted last night and we just learned that the HMH bill is on the legislative agenda for today. This is the bill that includes the NYS Council’s signature budget deliverable, the CCBHC Demo Expansion and related Indigent Care Pool, as well as many additional NYS Council priorities. Lawmakers will debate the bills that come before them and then (presumably) vote on each one. Lawmakers are scheduled to work three-day weeks through the entire month of May, with session scheduled to end on June 8.

On the issue of the COLA, there is a 4% COLA for OPWDD, OMH, OASAS, OTDA, OCFS, SOFA agencies. Here’s more re: eligibility by program type for OMH and OASAS:

7 4. Eligible programs and services. (i) Programs and services funded,
8 licensed, or certified by the office of mental health (OMH) eligible for
9 the cost of living adjustment established herein, pending federal
10 approval where applicable, include: office of mental health licensed
11 outpatient programs, pursuant to parts 587 and 599 of title 14 CRR-NY of
12 the office of mental health regulations including clinic, continuing day
13 treatment, day treatment, intensive outpatient programs and partial
14 hospitalization; outreach; crisis residence; crisis stabilization,
15 crisis/respite beds; mobile crisis, part 590 comprehensive psychiatric
16 emergency program services; crisis intervention; home based crisis
17 intervention; family care; supported single room occupancy; supported
18 housing; supported housing community services; treatment congregate;
19 supported congregate; community residence – children and youth;
20 treatment/apartment; supported apartment; community residence single
21 room occupancy; on-site rehabilitation; employment programs; recreation;
22 respite care; transportation; psychosocial club; assertive community
23 treatment; case management; care coordination, including health home
24 plus services; local government unit administration; monitoring and
25 evaluation; children and youth vocational services; single point of
26 access; school-based mental health program; family support children and
27 youth; advocacy/support services; drop in centers; recovery centers;
28 transition management services; bridger; home and community based waiver
1 services; behavioral health waiver services authorized pursuant to the
2 section 1115 MRT waiver; self-help programs; consumer service dollars;
3 conference of local mental hygiene directors; multicultural initiative;
4 ongoing integrated supported employment services; supported education;
5 mentally ill/chemical abuse (MICA) network; personalized recovery
6 oriented services; children and family treatment and support services;
7 residential treatment facilities operating pursuant to part 584 of title
8 14-NYCRR; geriatric demonstration programs; community-based mental
9 health family treatment and support; coordinated children’s service
10 initiative; homeless services; and promises zone.

Programs and services funded, licensed, or certified by the
4 office of addiction services and supports (OASAS) eligible for the cost
5 of living adjustment established herein, pending federal approval where
6 applicable, include: medically supervised withdrawal services – residen-
7 tial; medically supervised withdrawal services – outpatient; medically
8 managed detoxification; medically monitored withdrawal; inpatient reha-
9 bilitation services; outpatient opioid treatment; residential opioid
10 treatment; KEEP units outpatient; residential opioid treatment to absti-
11 nence; problem gambling treatment; medically supervised outpatient;
12 outpatient rehabilitation; specialized services substance abuse
13 programs; home and community based waiver services pursuant to subdivi-
14 sion 9 of section 366 of the social services law; children and family
15 treatment and support services; continuum of care rental assistance case
16 management; NY/NY III post-treatment housing; NY/NY III housing for
17 persons at risk for homelessness; permanent supported housing; youth
18 clubhouse; recovery community centers; recovery community organizing
19 initiative; residential rehabilitation services for youth (RRSY); inten-
20 sive residential; community residential; supportive living; residential
21 services; job placement initiative; case management; family support
22 navigator; local government unit administration; peer engagement; voca-
23 tional rehabilitation; support services; HIV early intervention
24 services; dual diagnosis coordinator; problem gambling resource centers;
25 problem gambling prevention; prevention resource centers; primary
26 prevention services; other prevention services; and community services.