Call w/ OASAS re: Supplemental SAPT Grant Awards

October 28, 2022

I’m on a call with OASAS leads who wanted to meet with association leads to discuss progress rolling out SAPT Supplemental Grant funds and specifically, Supplemental 1, Year 2 funds.  Please note that the Supplemental 1, Year 2 award period ends 3/14/23.  OASAS has applied for a no cost extension for these funds however, the extensions has not been granted yet.

OASAS is concerned that it has received just $5.5M in expense reports from providers for these funds to date and so Deb Davis, Connie Burke, Sean Byrne from OASAS are deeply concerned that they have not yet received more vouchers.  OASAS is sensitive to supply chain issues and wants to hear from agencies that are struggling.

Here are the numbers:

  • 871 budgets were approved by OASAS across a wide range of initiatives. 
  • To date, OASAS has approved and expensed 834 contracts of the total 871 received.  In these instances, providers are getting 25% advances and then OASAS gets the expense report.
  • $21.2M has gone out the OASAS door as of the end of last week.

Message:  OASAS is urging providers to spend these funds and demonstrate their expenses.   Send your expense reports in on these contracts by Jan. 1.  If you are not able to spend the funds that are tied up in contracts, please notify OASAS.