SAMHSA CCBHC Certification Criteria: Summary of Changes

March 17, 2023

As you may recall, last fall SAMHSA engaged in a series of public comment activities to inform its decision-making around a required update to CCBHC Demo certification criteria.  On Wednesday, SAMHSA announced that it had finalized the updated certification criteria. 
Note:  The discussion of updated certification criteria begins on page 5 although it will be useful to those who are new to this topic to review the introductory information that provides important context.  Also, as you read this, remember that PAMA stands for the (federal) Protecting Access to Medicare Act. 

Below please find a link to a useful summary of the changes SAMHSA made to the existing 2015 criteria:

Notes:  1) The National Council is currently working on a thorough analysis of the changes SAMHSA made to the original 2015 CCBHC certification criteria. It should be available shortly.  2)  SAMHSA will be hosting a webinar on 3/23 (invite and link are not available yet) to review the changes with all stakeholders.  I am chasing down more information re: the upcoming webinar on 3/23.  I will be back to you shortly.