CCBHC-D Certification Criteria

January 17, 2023

SAMHSA has opened another window for stakeholders to submit comments regarding its proposed changes to CCBHC Certification Criteria.  

Attached is a document from the National Council that condenses their comments for usability. 

Also attached, please find comments the NYS Council submitted last month to SAMHSA when the Agency was seeking initial feedback re: certification criteria changes.  That first unofficial comment period led to SAMHSA making some changes, and the current comment period is based on the latest draft. 

If you are preparing comments and looking for sample language, we hope these docs will be helpful!  Please feel free to copy and paste any of this language in your own comment letters.

The comment deadline is Friday, Jan. 20.  Instructions for submitting your comments, along with a link to the draft updates and other information, can be found here: