CCBHC Updates

December 17, 2021

This morning I had a conversation with National Council CEO Chuck Ingolia who answered a number of lingering questions for me regarding the current status of various CCBHC funds.  Here’s what I heard:

The Build Back Better bill (now officially stalled) includes proposals for the following:

  • Funds to expand the number of CCBHC Demo states across the country AND funds for state planning grants so state authorities can bring the new demo states online 
  • Funds for SAMHSA to update the criteria for the CCBHC Program (unclear what the ‘update’ would include)

Quick Note:   The Build Back Better bill cannot include funds for grant programs so SAMHSA Expansion Grant funding proposals are not embedded in the Build Back Better bill.  They are appropriated through a different legislative vehicle.
The National Council has been/continues to seek language from CMS that would allow Demo states to expand the number of Demo providers in these states.  They are working with key lawmakers on The Hill to push this language forward BUT it should be noted that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) that is responsible for ‘scoring’ or calculating the costs associated with specific budget proposals continues to report that adding additional Demo providers in Demo states would blow the score up in a way that would make it unlikely to pass in Congress.

Funds to feed the upcoming SAMHSA CCBHC Expansion Grant RFP (expected release is now end of December – early January 2022) are already secured.

Many NYS Council members have SAMHSA Expansion grants that are due to expire in April 2022.  Chuck stated that SAMHSA has given him no indication that eligibility to apply for these funds will be restricted.

Please reach out if you have questions!