CHAMP (NYS MH and SUD Ombuds Program) Annual Report

February 12, 2023

The NYS Council has been a partner in the state’s MH and SUD Ombuds Program called CHAMP, from its inception.  Lynn Goldberg is employed by the NYS Council but spends 100% of her time working alongside our CHAMP colleagues, providing outreach and engagement services, offering training on topics of import to the program, and assisting helpline staff who are answering phone calls from New Yorkers who are having trouble accessing care due to a variety of insurance issues.

Each year the NYS Council and the Legal Action Center work collaboratively to prepare an internal report that looks at trends and sentinel issues being experienced by New Yorkers seeking assistance through the CHAMP Program.  From there, the report moves on to Stephanie Campbell who is the Director of the Ombuds Program.  Stephanie utilizes information from the internal report to inform her final report (linked here).

The NYS Council is honored to be a part of the CHAMP Program.  If Lynn can be of assistance to you or to the individuals you serve, we would be very happy to help.  Lynn is available to speak to groups that might benefit from learning more about CHAMP services.  You can reach Lynn at: or (518) 281-2325 at your convenience.