Change Healthcare Cyber Attack – Follow-up Survey

March 13, 2024

Good evening,

See survey below from OMH.
CHANGE Healthcare is not going to be ‘up and running’ on March 18 as advertised (not that we ever believed that) but instead, it will begin TESTING its systems to ensure all problems are resolved on that date.  Please don’t wait to report that you are experiencing a crisis, or anticipate that you are headed in that direction. 

The NYS Council has been very persistent in our messaging to state leaders that we need concrete financial assistance right now and that finger pointing and directing providers elsewhere for help is not acceptable.  MetroPlus recently announced that it will be paying its in-network providers prospectively (up to 80%) based on prior claims history.  The Department of Financial Services should be mandating ALL MCOs to do the same.  

We will keep up the pressure.  Lauri

From: OMH-Managed-Care <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 13, 2024 6:16:24 PM
To: OMH-Managed-Care <>
Subject: Change Healthcare Cyber Attack – Follow-up Survey 

Dear Provider,

On March 1, 2024, OMH sent a survey to providers to assess the impact of the Change Healthcare cyber security breach on February 21, 2024. 

Your agency is being contacted for a follow-up survey because you either self-identified OR were identified by the State through an impact analysis that your agency may be severely impacted by the Change outage. We request that you please respond to our brief follow-up survey at .

Please see the attached Resource Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions (released on March 8, 2024) for more information about the Change outage.

Thank you.