Children’s ARPA eFMAP Workforce and Infrastructure Funding

October 8, 2023

UPDATE: DoH sent the following note to providers re:  the distribution by MCOs of Children’s ARPA funds.  See directly below.  So, the new date by which MCOs must distribute the funds is 10/20/23.


Due to an unanticipated administrative error Children’s Workforce & Infrastructure funds, previously announced to arrive to providers from plans no later than October 6, 2023 , will be delayed until October 20th.

We sent the email below to all members on August 22, 2023, along with the attached document re: Children’s ARPA eFMAP Workforce and Infrastructure Funding.  MCOs were to distribute these funds by October 6.   

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From: Lauri Cole <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2023 9:52 AM
Subject: Children’s ARPA eFMAP Workforce & Infrastructure Funding

See below and attached.  With this Notice, MMC plans are on notice that they must distribute the funds they are required to pass through to impacted providers by October 6, 2023.  


From: NYS DOH Health Home Information <HHOMES-L@LISTSERV.HEALTH.STATE.NY.US On Behalf Of Marzahl, Maria (HEALTH)

Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2023 9:26 AM
To: doh.dl.HHOMES-L <>
Subject: Children’s ARPA eFMAP Workforce & Infrastructure Funding

TO: 1915(c) Children’s Waiver Home and Community Based Service (HCBS), Article 29-I Health Facilities, and Children and Family Treatment and Support Services (CFTSS) Providers, Medicaid Managed Care Plans (MMCPs), including Mainstream Managed Care and HIV Special Needs Plans

The New York State Department of Health (“DOH”) is pleased to announce that Workforce & Infrastructure funds for children’s behavioral health providers as part of Section 9817 of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (Pub.L.117-2) have been approved for release, as outlined in the attachment.

Please reach out to NYS Department of Health at with any questions.