Children’s HCBS Provider Capacity Announcement

September 15, 2022

Health Homes Serving Children,

Several designated HCBS/CFTSS providers have recently contacted the State indicating that they have capacity to provide HCBS and/or CFTSS to additional children/youth. At the same time, the State is aware of several children/youth currently on waitlists to receive Children’s HCBS at other agencies. Known agency availability is as follows:


Service Availability:

HCBS- Caregiver/Family Advocacy and Support Services

County Availability: Cortland, Wyoming, Chautauqua

Referral Contact:


Service Availability:

HCBS- Planned Respite, Pre-vocational services, Supported Employment, Caregiver/Family Advocacy and Support Services

CFTSS- Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Youth Peer Support, Family Peer Support Services

County Availability: Suffolk, Queens, Nassau, Kings

Referral Contact: 

St. Xavier

Service Availability:

HCBS- Planned Respite, Prevocational Services, Supported Employment, Community Self Advocacy Training Support,

Caregiver/Family Advocacy and Support Services

CFTSS- Psychosocial Rehabilitation

County Availability: All boroughs of New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, Orange, Rockland, and Westchester. 

Referral Contact:

Chemlu Developmental Disabilities Center

Service Availability:

HCBS- Community Habilitations, Crisis Respite, Planned Respite, Prevocational Services, Supported Employment

County Availability: Richmond, Queens, New York, Nassau, Kings, Bronx

Referral Contact:

Please connect with your CMAs in the above areas/counties to ensure they are aware of the above availability/referral sources. Care managers must be the entity to work with HCBS providers to remove children/youth from waitlists and or refer them to other providers, as appropriate for the child/youth. Care Managers should be aware of their referred children/youth receiving services and or on a waitlist, and if on a waitlist, be continually working with community service providers to connect children/youth to providers who have capacity to serve their members.

Thank you,

Health Home Program

Division of Program Development and Management