DFS Waivers

April 7, 2021

First, as we indicated on Monday morning, the Department of Financial Services (DFS) recently extended the current end date for the in network telehealth cost share waiver to May 4.  (We were waiting for public facing confirmation just to ensure that what we were told verbally would ‘stick’.  The DFS website now confirms the extension.)

In addition, we note that Governor Cuomo has directed DFS to extend the regulation requiring health insurers to waive co-pays for the COVID-19 vaccine until April 30. The Circular Letter Issued by DFS to Insurers is Available Here.  Federal rules also require COVID-19 immunizations and their administration to be covered when provided by out-of-network providers for the duration of the public health emergency. Health care providers that participate in the Center for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 Vaccination Program must agree to administer a COVID-19 immunization regardless of an individual’s ability to pay or health insurance coverage status, and may not seek reimbursement from the immunization recipient.