DOB to State Agencies: Budget Request must reduce annual State Funds spending by 5%

November 10, 2020

For those who may be unfamiliar with the budget making process, each year the Division of the Budget (DOB) sends a “Call Letter” to state agency leaders requesting that they submit a proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year by a certain date.  The Letter also includes specific instructions as to how the requested budget should be constructed (examples:  5% less in spending, flat budget, 3% increase in spending, etc.)

Linked here is this year’s DOB FY2022 ‘Call Letter’ that instructs state agency leaders to prepare a new budget that (amongst other things) “…reduces annual State Funds spending by a minimum of 5%.”   The Letter goes on to say: “… In addition, new funding for capital projects will be strictly limited to urgent health and safety investments and those critical for the State recovery.”

Let’s hope that a recently released Comptroller’s Report that anticipates an additional $3.4B in tax revenues in this fiscal year, is real and will help to mitigate potential cuts.

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