Final Health and Mental Health
Article VII Budget Bill Printed

April 3, 2021

Earlier today we sent all members information regarding the Health and Mental Hygiene budget agreements we were aware of at that time.

With regard to the telehealth “skinny proposal” we mentioned, we said that the telehealth deal appeared to change current public health law regarding distant and originating sites.  Now (in the bill attached) we can see that the budget language adds the following language to the current public health law definition of “distant site”:

1.  “Distant site” means a site at which a telehealth provider is located while delivering health care services by means of telehealth. Any site within the United States or United States’ territories is eligible to be a distant site for delivery and payment purposes.

See attached document for the final Health and Mental Hygiene bill: S2507C/A3007C.  We are reviewing now.   Back to you shortly.