For State Budget Wonks

January 18, 2022

We just reviewed the Article VII Health/Mental Hygiene Legislation document.  Below is a quick review of the bill:

  • Human Services COLA is (as we suspected) a one-time COLA proposal.  Proposal for FY2023 announced today is 5.4%, effective April 1, 2022.
  • Confirms $111M reinvestment (GROSSES TO $222M WITH FEDERAL MATCH) to OASAS and OMH associated with recoupment of funds from MCOs not meeting certain spending targets.  
  • APG’s extended until 2027 and adds Crisis Programs to the list of Programs eligible for APG government rates.
  • Gives authority to DoH to competitively procure MCOs to participate in certain Medicaid managed care programs.  Effective 4/22
  • Requires pharmacies in NYS to maintain a stock of Naloxone and Buprenorphine for the treatment of OUD.  Pharmacies have 60 days after passage of this provision to comply.
  • Payment rate increase of 1% to all DoH Medicaid FFS rates
  • HEALTHCARE WORKER BONUSES FOR THOSE EARNING UP TO $100K.  This is a one-time bonus up to $3k.
  • Waives requirements for experienced Nurse Practitioners to have a written practice agreement with a physician
  • Interstate Medical Compact – proposed for doctors and nurses only
  • Amends Education Law and Public Health Law and transfers oversight for Article 163 practitioners as well as many other practitioners currently under Education Law, to DoH oversight.
  • Transfers ratemaking authority for Child Health Plus services from Department of Financial Services to Department of Health. 
  • Establishes reimbursement parity for Medicaid telehealth services 
  • Implements a process to create a new certification for Recovery Residences, otherwise known as Sober Homes, and allows OASAS to create a voluntary certification process for Recovery Supportive Housing that provides substance-free environments and mutual support 
  • Modernize the current Alcohol Awareness Program to cover other forms of addictions and to expand the scope to include recreational cannabis.
  • Expand access to addiction services by expediting the development of Capital Projects to support voluntary-operated addiction service programs.