HCWB Program

July 19, 2023

Brief update regarding the Healthcare Workforce Bonus Program:

DoH Website has a page on its website devoted to the NYS Healthcare Workforce Bonus Program.  Included on this page is a link to bonus new guidance from OMIG re:  underpaid bonuses to workers:    https://www.health.ny.gov/health_care/medicaid/providers/hwb_program/

Note:  There is another vesting period and employer submission date coming up on 10/1/23.

An eagle eyed NYS Council member agency rep just pointed out to me that the Website with info re:  the Healthcare Worker Bonus Program includes a FAQ section and in the ‘Payment Issuance’ section (of the FAQs) it states that the SFS Submission date for vesting period #3 is today, she also reports that she does not see the funds in her accounts as yet.  Fingers crossed!

A. If you submitted for vesting period three, please see the table below for payment information. This table will be updated as information becomes available.

Submission Period MMIS Submission SFS Submission
One (8/03/2022 – 9/02-2022) eMedNY Cycle 2352 10/5/2022
Two (10/01/2022-11/30/2022) eMedNY Cycle 2366 01/11/2023
2.5 (02/01/2023 – 03/03/2023) eMedNY Cycle 2382 05/03/2023
Three (04/01/2023 – 05/01/2023) eMedNY Cycle 2393 07/19/2023

*Please note, SED Providers will begin receiving payments on 1/13/2023.