HEADS UP! OASAS Telehealth Guidance & OASAS Complex Care Guidance

August 31, 2023

NYS COUNCIL MEMBERS — two documents linked below.


From: OASAS Executive Office 
Subject: OASAS Telehealth Standards-Updated August 2023

Dear Providers,

In September 2022, OASAS revised the Part 830 (Designated Services) regulation, which included changes to Telehealth. The changes made permanent many of the flexibilities that were allowed during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency and also aligned with changes made in the Public Health Law.

At this time, OASAS is releasing an Updated Telehealth Standards for OASAS Designated Providers to assist with the provision of telehealth services.

Noteworthy changes include:

  • Audio-only services delivery is now allowable (along with additional use of the FQ modifier)
  • Expansion of allowable practitioner types
  • As of the end of the Public Health Emergency (5/11/23), Medicaid time durations are restored

Please note that for Buprenorphine, an initial visit for prescribing Buprenorphine via telehealth was permissible during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency only, but this flexibility has been extended at the Federal level until November 11, 2023.

The full updated standards can be found here.

For any additional questions, please email: OASAS.sm.Legal@oasas.ny.gov & PICM@oasas.ny.gov.

Communications Department
NYS Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS)


Dear Provider,

Complex Care Coordination has recently been expanded to allow for a broader range of care coordination activities.

The Complex Care Guidance Document provides clinical and reimbursement information on the updated service standards for complex care.

Providers are encouraged to review the guidance document so that they can effectively use this service.

If you have further questions please email PICM@oasas.ny.gov

Communications Department
NYS Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS)