Major News re: CCBHC Sites

August 18, 2022

I’ve just been informed that a long standing advocacy priority of ours has been (partially) resolved.

On a call with state agency leads from around the country today, CMS announced that HHS will allow demonstration states (like NYS) to add additional CCBHC sites.  At the present time, NYS has 13 Demo agencies enrolled in the federal CCBHC Demo Program.

As NYS Council members know, we have been pushing hard on the National Council and on our elected leaders in DC to make this policy change.  Up until now, the answer has been ‘no’ but today, HHS/CMS changed direction.  I am told details will be forthcoming in the next few months.  I do not have more information at this time, but you can be sure I am going after it.

I wanted to deliver this important news ASAP.   Our focus will now shift to state-level advocacy to ensure NYS takes full advantage of this change in federal policy. Stand by for more.