Measure Allowing Out-of-State Physicians &
Registered or Practical Nurses Extended

June 26, 2023

Below is an article noting that Governor Hochul has signed into law a bill related to out-of-state Nurses and Doctors being able to continue to practice in NYS with certain conditions.

1) Here is a link to the article 

Health care workers with out-of-state licenses will be able to continue to practice in New York under a measure signed into law by Gov. Kathy Hochul. 
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2)  Here is a brief summary of the bill the Governor signed (below) and a link to EO 4 of 2021. 

Summary:  Temporary Licensure for Nurses/Physicians Licensed Outside NYS (S7492-B Stavisky/ A6697-B Fahy) 

Summary:  This bill would authorize out-of-state registered or practical nurses and physicians practicing in NY as of 5/22/23 under Executive Order 4 of 2021 to temporarily practice in New York State pending a determination on licensure by SED by filing an application and obtaining endorsement of the health facility, program or practice they are employed by. The bill was signed into law 6/22/23 and is repealed one year after it shall have become law or 6/22/24. 

End Game:

While EO #4 covered multiple professions and expands scope of practice in some cases, this bill only applies to the areas of EO 4 related to out of state registered or practical nurses or out of state physicians.  The bill text is consistent with how EO #4 allowed these practitioners to practice, and EO 4 did not include limitations on specialty areas or practice settings for such nurses and physicians.  Nevertheless, we will check in with OMH and OASAS to ensure our ‘read’ that this does indeed include registered nurses or out of state physicians working in our programs and services, are included.