Media Spot and additional advocacy re: ‘withholds’

October 23, 2020

Yesterday I appeared on Channel 10 News – WTEN where I spoke with the reporter about the impact of the ongoing corona virus pandemic along with the ongoing (and increasing) rates of overdoses and increased rates of suicides here in New York and around the country.  As you will see, the reporter was particularly interested in the toll these crises are taking on children and young adults.

As luck would have it, a broad group of advocates we are working with to compel Governor Cuomo and state lawmakers to rescind our withholds and place a moratorium on any future withholds and cuts issued a press release and letter to the Governor yesterday.  The Release and Letter were drafted in response to the Governor’s recent comments about the range of symptoms New Yorkers are experiencing due to the numerous social and emotional consequences of these ongoing public health crises.

Below you will find a link to the brief television interview.  Attached you will find the joint press release and letter to Governor Cuomo.  Please let us know what you think of these documents.