More detailed summary of Gov’s tele health proposal

January 20, 2021

Here’s a more detailed summary of what the executive budget proposal says about the Governor’s tele health proposal.

First, the authorization of Telehealth Services (as follows) is expected to generate $39.5M in savings in SFY 22:

The budget proposal:

– Defines telehealth in public health law, consistent with existing definitions in insurance law as “the use of electronic information and communication technologies by a health care provider to deliver health care services to an insured individual while such individual is located at a site that is different from the site where the health care provider is located.”

– Removes location requirements for individual receiving telehealth services;

– Establishes interoperability of health information exchanges with SHIN-NY and requires qualified entities to permit access to all of a patient’s information by all SHIN-NY participants or anyone else authorized to access such information after consent is obtained using a single statewide SHIN-NY consent form approved by DOH;

– Creates an interstate licensure program with other northeast and contiguous states pursuant to regulations by SED, in consultation with the commissioners of DOH, OMH, OASAS and OPWDD promulgated on a final basis by 3/31/22;  They will take into account consideration of the need for specialty practice areas with historical access issues;

– Requires state regulated health insurers to have an adequate network of telehealth providers to meet the needs of individuals for services when medically appropriate; and

– Requires providers and hospitals to disclose if they offer telehealth services to patients in writing or through websites.