More re: OASAS withholds

September 29, 2020

As stated earlier, for this October quarterly advance there will be no withholds applied to OASAS housing programs and certain residential programs.  OASAS Part 819, 820 Part 817 and OASAS housing are all exempt from withholds.  Part 816, Part 818, all Outpatient and other services that are funded (prevention, recovery, etc.) are subject to a 20% withhold.  Advances may be a bit late.

It is our understanding that the final decision around OASAS withholds for the fourth quarter largely resembles the news we received recently from OMH on this topic.  Specifically, there will be no withholds for a variety of inpatient and residential modalities (entire list to follow).  And there will be no withholds to direct contracts (as opposed to state aid contracts through the LGU).