More State Budget: OASAS

April 23, 2024

The below OASAS appropriations in the final Aid to Localities budget bill are all from the SFY 2025 funding section of the bill – not listed as reappropriations.

Yellow highlight indicates the funds going to OASAS this budget year (SFY25) as result of the MCO recoupment the NYS Council compelled state regulators to enforce.  To date, the (now annual) enforcement has yielded over $500M for OASAS and OMH combined.

NOTE:  OASAS is holding a budget briefing for advocates on Thursday.  I will be back to you shortly once I CONFIRM the details associated with these provisions.  


  • Increase in funding for Community Treatment Services Program (CTSP) of $62 million
  • $5 million increase in funding for Medicaid payments for OASAS Outpatient Services above Executive budget level
  • $3 million increase in funding for Residential Services
  • $1 million increase in funding for Crisis Services
  • $11 million increase in funding for Problem Gambling, SUD outpatient, Harm Reduction and Treatment Support Services
  • $37 million is included for Behavioral Health Reinvestment from recoupment from managed care plans (same as Executive budget)
  • $2.9 million for minimum wage increases (same as Executive budget)
  • Increased funding for COLA by approx. $8 million providing $16.8 million total
  • Two appropriations for independent SUD ombudsman ($1.5 million and $8.5 million same as Executive budget)
  • $86.3 million in funding for opioid/SUD treatment/services through opioid settlement fund pursuant to a funding schedule outlined in the bill (an increase of approx. $33 million from Executive Budget)
  • $4 million in increased funding from Executive Budget for Prevention and Program Support totaling $226.819 million
  • New funding for member initiatives outlined in the bill