New York State Budget Update

April 8, 2022

Last week, both houses passed one budget appropriations bill, the Debt Service Fund Budget bill (S8002/A9002) and yesterday the C print was introduced for two Article VII budget bills. The Public Protection and General Government (S8005C/9005C) and the Revenue bill (S8009C/A9009C) which have passed the Assembly and Senate.

As of this morning the legislature has introduced three more bills. The Legislature and Judiciary Budget Bill (S8001A/A9001A) which is currently working it’s way through the legislature, the Health and Mental Hygiene Bill (S8007C/A9007C) which is currently working it’s way through the legislature, and the Transportation, Economic Development and Environmental Conservation Bill (S8008/A9008) which has passed the Senate and is currently working its way through the Assembly. At this point, we await the following Budget Bills, as the Governor and Legislative Leaders complete negotiations on the final details. We are told that the Education, Labor and Family Assistance bill (ELFA) is being used as a kind of omnibus bill that will contain all of the late entry budget deals that didn’t make it into prior bills. It is said to include information regarding Healthcare Workforce Bonuses.  


State Operations Budget Bill (S8000/A9000)

Aid to Localities Budget Bill (S8003/A9003)

Capital Projects Budget Bill (S8004/A9004)

Article VII

Education, Labor and Family Assistance (S8006/A9006)

To look up bill numbers, you can go to the Assembly Home Page.