News from the Joint Commission re: CCBHC accreditation

December 26, 2023

Here’s a link to the Joint Commission webpage re:  CCBHC accreditation:
Briefly, the Joint Commission now has new standards specific to CCBHCs available for behavioral health and human services organizations. These standards will allow organizations to become Joint Commission accredited under specific CCBHC requirements and organizations who meet The Joint Commission’s CCBHC requirements will be better prepared to meet the national expectations for a CCBHC program.

Benefits for CCBHC organizations:

  • The ability to evaluate CCBHC organization’s compliance with standards directly aligned to SAMHSA requirements provides a better framework for meeting those requirements.
  • The Joint Commission accreditation process helps organizations standardize care delivery to reduce variances, helping to improve the consistency of high-quality care. 
  • Joint Commission accreditation supports safe, high-quality care, treatment, and services throughout the organization via a holistic review of the entire organization, including all CCBHC programs and services.