Non-Profit Infrastructure Capital Improvement Program (NICIP)

November 17, 2023

Despite focused efforts to get clarity from the Administration and/or DASNY regarding the amended NICIP RFP that now seems to be saying that at least some OMH, OASAS and OPWDD licensed providers are not eligible to apply for the NonProfit Infrastructure Capital Improvement Program (NICIP), I have not received a definitive answer from the Governor’s Office or from OMH or OASAS for that matter.  Having said this I did receive an almost immediate response to my inquiry from the Governor’s Office and a promise that they are looking into it.  They understand the time sensitive nature of this problem.

I expressed our concern for the lack of communication from DASNY as well as the great expense many providers have already gone to as they prepare an application for funding.   I also made it clear that we are very concerned that the definition of ‘Human Service Organization’ seems to be something of a moving target.

I’ll follow up every day until I get an answer on this matter.  Promise.