Note re: OMH Masking Update

February 16, 2023

In response to the questions I have received from NYS Council members regarding the OMH guidance we circulated yesterday pertaining to masking in OMH programs and services, I reached out to OMH for assistance.  I let them know that from what I could tell, the majority of OMH providers did not receive the notice directly from OMH.    

Here’s the response from Dr. Thomas Smith, OMH Medical Director (in italics below).  

(from OMH)

Lauri, if you’re hearing a lot of questions we can offer a webinar. The main message is that the housing/ambulatory programs can determine whether their specific sites should follow the CDC recommendation to use masks when covid transmission is high in the county (CDC updates the county-specific transmission levels every Thursday on their website) and should develop their own policies and procedures accordingly. We’re giving providers the leeway to determine what’s best for them.

Dr. Flavio Casoy (cc’ed) has been and is more than happy to consult 1:1 with any provider who has questions.

Please note:  Dr. Tom Smith has identified Dr. Flavio Casoy as a contact for further assistance and 1:1 consultations with impacted OMH providers.  His email address is:     

At this time, the NYS Council still waiting for similar messaging from OASAS.  I promise to share it as soon as it is made available.