Notes from OMH Conference Call w/ State Leaders

September 21, 2020

On a call with SOMH leaders now.  Here’s what we are hearing:

  • OMH attempting to get info to providers sooner than was the case with first round of withholds over the summer.
  • OMH will be issuing October state aid letters tomorrow and payments will go out to counties in a timely manner.
  • October state aid letters will pay 100% residential for Oct. That is, 100% of any residential program, not just supported housing.
  • State also paying 100% of direct contract payments
  • So October letter will have a 20% withhold. Not the final word,  Not necessarily a budget cut.  To be viewed as a ‘withhold’. 

Summary:  Withholds carried through and still being applied on non-residential OMH programs.  Payment will be 80% to LGUs and LGUs will be required to administer withholds accordingly and with same process as July payments.  

OASAS is still working with DOB re: OASAS October State Aid letters (and implications for providers).  As soon as they have finalized details they will share them with us.  

We’ve had a question come in from a member agency re: whether 100% payment to all OMH residential includes non-permanent as well as permanent residential?

The answer is ‘yes’ all OMH Crisis Respite and Crisis Residence Programs are included in the residential “bucket” being paid at 100% per the October State Aid letter going out to LGUs.