Notes: OASAS Credentialing Updates Webinar

September 26, 2023

Speakers:  Rebecca Woods at OASAS – Credentialing Unit
Also Colleen and Tracy in Credentialing Unit

This presentation is being recorded and will be part of a Learning Thursday.

General Announcement:  New Online Credentialing Management System – will be online for everything – no more paper. You can submit apps, make payments, review summaries (no longer calling them ‘deficiencies’) through portal – using

Highlights of Today’s Announcements:
-New CASAC Provisional Certificate (to serve Bachelors and Masters level staff)
-For CASAC T and CASAC P – one time 3-year extension to fulfill CASAC requirements
-Applications can be paid through checks or through online portal
-5 year clock to obtain a credential from the point of initial review of application
-One time training requirements no longer fixed topics – will change based on changes in field
-Simplify renewal for attestations of hours and ethical conduct
-Will allow reinstatement of credential when credential has expired
Online credentialing management system will allow all credentialing to occur through a portal so no more paper applications and will allow direct communication between applicant and reviewer

Slide 10 CASAC P is the equivalent to a CASAC trainee so no need to have both – exactly the same however path to obtain these two credentials is different. Do still need one time  mandatory requirements to obtain CASAC P – can consult easy drop down in the system “T” and “P” are exactly the same in terms of scope of practice. New regs will allow you to be eligible (if you are exam eligible) for a one-time 3 year extension on your certificate.  If you have an intern and they will graduate – allows you to retain them so they can stay and you can hire them. CASAC Provisional review – as long as everything is submitted and ‘in’, review will be relatively quick. Will still need a background check
Slide 12 – No longer need an eval when you renew your credential however will need to sign an attestation.  No longer need to sign your certificates stating you completed training – will be conducting audits, and late fee is a one-time $50 fee.
Slide 13 This week there will be a 120 day mailing.  If you were part of a previous 120 day mailing that went out you can request a new application.  If you are in late renewal you will have to follow previous regs.
Slide 14 If expired more than one year, eligible for reinstatement. For CASACs and CPGC’s there is specific training – 70 hours for CPGC’s$400 application fee. Dual credential?  $500.


Transcript from the ‘Chat’

from Tracy Shafir to Everyone:    9:37  AM
If you were previously issued an extension on your CASAC-Trainee you cannot request another extension.

from Dean Hale-NYS OASAS to Everyone:    9:44  AM
This webinar will be posted as a Learning Thursday in the coming weeks.

from Shyla Dauria to Everyone:    9:45  AM

from Shyla Dauria to Everyone:    9:48  AM
Reinstatement is a $400 fee, $500 if you are renewing dual Credentials within the same year

from Shyla Dauria to Everyone:    9:48  AM
You can update your email by emailing the Credentialing mailbox with your new information or use the Credentialing page to update your information

from Shyla Dauria to Everyone:    9:53  AM
Yes you can hold both a CASAC and a CPP simultaneously. In this case, you are considered to hold a Dual Credential

from Shyla Dauria to Everyone:    9:53  AM
If you previously inactivated, you will need to Reinstate your Credential