Notification of Updated CFTSS Rates

October 26, 2023

Attached is the transmittal letter issued by DoH to Managed Care and Special Needs Plans notifying them of their responsibility to pay the 4% COLA for CFTSS Services that was included in the ’23-’24 enacted state budget.

The MCOs must pay the new rates as of the effective date of the rate increase (4/1/23).  The state gives them 90 days from the date of the transmittal letter (October 19) to begin paying the new rate but again, they must pay you the new rates back to April 1, 2023.

We are still waiting to see the transmittal letters from OMH and OASAS re: the 4% COLA.  DOB must approve the letters before they go out the door.  Stand by for more.  Some plans appear to be paying the 4% COLA before they receive the transmittal letters – some providers have reported they are seeing the increase in their rates. 

Remember:  The NYS Council is always here to assist you.    Call Lauri at 518 461-8200 or write to me at: at your convenience.