NYS Council quoted in NYT article
focused on Access to Addiction Treatment Services

December 13, 2023

NYS Council is quoted in the article at the link (below) by Jeneen Interlandi who is a member of the Editorial Board at the NY Times.  This article has been in process for many months, finally printed today.  Ann Marie Foster, CEO at Phoenix House is also featured in the article, as are our colleagues from The Legal Action Center.

(excerpt) But enforcement of these parity laws has been weak, and insurers have been brazen about violating them. “They constantly deny and delay payments,” said Lauri Cole, executive director of the New York-based nonprofit Council for Community Behavioral Health Care. “They do it to such an extent that providers run into cash flow problems. Then those providers have to reduce services, which in turn creates wait lists.” In New York, she said, wait lists for behavioral health care abound.

NY Times, 12/13:  48 million Americans live with addiction. Here’s how to get them help that works (New York Times)
Hopefully this link allows you to read the article in full without advertisements or other interruptions.   I’m sorry it was so difficult to grab the article for you and yours this morning.