NYS Council Thursday Morning Meeting with Alan Maughan

March 31, 2022

Good afternoon,

This morning over 130 NYS Council member agency representatives joined our weekly NYS Council Member Support and Public Policy call and had the opportunity to hear from / speak with Alan Maughan who is Project Director on the fiscal team at OASAS.  We discussed various rate changes impacting OASAS providers at the present time.

  • Attached please find the document Alan shared on our screen during the meeting this morning.  It relates to OASAS Outpatient rate changes.  It is important to note that once the OASAS Part 822 Clinic was moved from being under the federal ‘Clinic’ option to the federal ‘Rehab’ option, the technical name for the OASAS Outpatient Clinic changed inside OASAS from the OASAS Outpatient Clinic to OASAS Outpatient Addiction Rehab.  That’s why the document is labeled ‘Outpatient Addiction Rehab” towards the top of the rate sheet.  

Also attached is the transmittal sent out by the state to MCOs regarding eFMAP changes to certain OASAS rates.  This will assist you in your encounters with MCOs that may/may not be playing  by the rules. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 9.25.37 AM.png

We hope this information is helpful.  If you continue to have questions about any of these moving parts, please know that you can forward your questions to me or to Alan Maughan at:  alan.maughan@oasas.ny.gov

We are here anytime you need us!