OASAS Changes in Reporting Requirements for COVID-19 Parameters

July 13, 2022

Dear OASAS Providers:

  1. As of 6/24/22, programs are no longer required to report staff and patient vaccination status in the O-LOV system.  However, programs should know the vaccination and booster status of staff and patients in case of a COVID-19 outbreak on site.
  2. Programs no longer need to report bedded program daily capacities to the OASAS Regional Offices.
  3. Programs do need to continue to track and report any new COVID-19 positive cases among program client and/or staff, and any close or proximate contacts related to positive cases. Please continue to report this data in real time to your respective Regional Offices. 

Your continued efforts in providing us with this important information is greatly appreciated.  Please contact your Regional Office representative if you have any questions surrounding reporting requirements.   

Thank you.