OASAS, DoH and OMH Regulations for your review

September 15, 2022

Hello everyone,

In the first attachment, please find the following multiple Notices of Adoption issued by OASAS yesterday:

  • Patient Rights in OASAS Programs 
  • OASAS Residential Services 
  • OASAS Withdrawal and Stabilization Services 
  • OASAS Residential Services 
  • OASAS General Provisions Applicable to All Programs Certified, Funded or Otherwise Authorized 
  • OASAS Residential Rehabilitation Services for Youth (RRSY) 
  • OASAS Inpatient Rehabilitation Services 
  • OASAS Outpatient Programs 
  • OASAS Incident Reporting Requirements at All Certified, Licensed, Funded, or Operated Services 
  • OASAS Designated Services and License Endorsements 

The second attachment is a Notice of Adoption issued yesterday by NYSDOH related to telehealth services. The rule provides reimbursement parity under Medicaid for telehealth services with in-person services including audio-only services.  

The last attachment is an Emergency Rule Making issued by OMH yesterday related to the COVID-19 Masking Program.