OASAS & PPP, and Supplemental Block Grant Workforce Funds


As follow up to the original message (at bottom) and the more recent info I sent on Saturday morning (directly below), I wanted to let everyone know that OASAS has now confirmed that if your organization DID NOT receive PPP in the first round but it DID receive PPP in the second round, the same rules (as discussed below) will apply to you in terms of reporting PPP as well as any other COVID Relief funds.


The information from OASAS in the bolded paragraph (below) also applies to any other COVID related relief (unless it came from OASAS). 


I spoke to Trisha Schell-Guy earlier today about the plan OASAS is putting in place for providers who received PPP in the first round, to report it on their CFR.

Trisha stated that while OASAS initially thought they would use a ‘not apply’ procedure here (think exception code), ultimately OASAS has decided that they do not want providers to count PPP/COVID revenue at all.  All they want to see is other (non-COVID related) revenue and expenses.  In addition, they will require providers to attest to the fact that the provider has used COVID Relief funds consistent with the terms of the grant.  If an OASAS provider did not receive any PPP but it has excess state aid, OASAS is considering entertaining a ‘not apply’ request from the provider.  And that’s it on the PPP front until the formal guidance comes out.  It is expected shortly but it is not coming today.  

As for the OASAS supplemental block grant funds, the Office is getting ready to issue a non-competitive application to its’ providers where your agency can propose using your portion of the Workforce supplemental block grant funds to address a burning need in your agency.  Details will be coming soon.  The supplemental block grant funds that are dedicated to Stabilization will go out in a similar manner but not yet since the Stabilization spending plan has not yet been approved by CMS.   

Hope this helps to clarify the situation.  Trisha confirmed the details I shared (above) as accurate.