OASAS Rate Sheet and Notice to Health Plans

April 1, 2022

Yesterday morning after our weekly Member Support and Public Policy meeting, I sent all members an email that included two attachments pertaining to the conversation we had with our guest speaker Alan Maughan from OASAS.  Alan showed us a rate sheet pertaining to OASAS Outpatient rate changes.  Some NYS Council members reported that the rate sheet was not included in the email.  In addition, we asked Alan for a copy of the transmittal that was recently sent to all MCOs regarding these rate changes.  I have attached both of the documents we sent yesterday, for your convenience.

Note:  As you will see, on the rate sheet, OASAS utilizes a different term to refer to OASAS Outpatient Clinic Services — the term is OASAS Addiction Rehab.

As always, if you have questions please feel free to reach out to me at your convenience, or contact Alan Maughan at OASAS:  alan.maughan@oasas.ny.gov

Have a productive day!