OMH Admin. Simplification for Telehealth & CFTSS Services

August 27, 2020

Good afternoon,Several weeks ago, the NYS OMH hosted a Webinar to review the various components of its’ new OMH Administrative Simplification Guidance for Telehealth Services.  During the call a participant asked a question about which (if any) CFTSS services fall under the construct of the Administrative Simplification.  At the time of the Webinar the answer to this question was unclear.  

We followed up and a lead representative from the OMH Children’s Bureau responded to our question with the following information:


In response to the question about which CFTSS services fit into the OMH Administrative Simplification process, the only included CFTSS is OLP (Other Licensed Provider), as the process only pertains to services delivered by licensed mental health providers. and OLP services are individual and group therapy. 

If you have further questions regarding this or any matter, please do not hesitate to reach out to the NYS Council at your convenience.