OMH and End of PHE

February 3, 2023

As you know I have been hounding OMH over the last few weeks, trying to get clarity regarding which COVID-related flexibilities are at risk of ending with the end of the Public Health Emergency  (5/11/23), unless the state decides to make them permanent.  

Here’s the info I received:

 What’s left under the Commissioner’s latest Emergency Waiver (issued 2/1) in combination with what’s left under the Federal Disaster SPAs are:   the program specific documentation flexibilities (e.g., treatment plans), UR flexibilities, and billing flexibilities that OMH issued back in April 2020.  These flexibilities will expire on 5/11 unless OMH makes them permanent, like they did with the Clinic billing flexibility which is made permanent in the updated Part 599 regulations.

So basically what’s in the balance is what is discussed in the document linked (below).

OMH intends to pull together current guidance sometime soon, and well before the PHE ends.

Hope this helps.