OMH Indigent Care / Safety Net Pools:
Inside & Outside the ’24 Exec Budget Proposal

February 6, 2023

We continuing to analyze the executive budget proposal and wanted to share the following information: 

Recently (and outside of the executive budget process) CMS approved a Safety Net Pool State Plan Amendment (SPA) submitted by NYS that continues the federal match of resources for OMH Outpatient Clinic providers who meet eligibility standards for reimbursement through the Pool.  The approved SPA ‘rationalizes the methodology to allow more providers to participate’.   That being said, it is still FFS dependent and linked.   Note:  The recently approved Pool expands access to care by lowering the threshold to participate in the Pool from the current 5% threshold to 3% to qualify, thereby opening up participation to more OMH Outpatient Clinics. 

The ’24 executive budget proposal includes a provision that requires the state to seek approval from CMS for a separate Indigent Care Pool  to assist qualifying CCBHCs (Demos) with reimbursement associated with provision of services to any care recipient.  In doing so, it acknowledges the CCBHC open access certification criteria that requires the CCBHC Demo Clinic to provide services to all care recipients regardless of ability to pay.  The proposed CCBHC indigent care pool would exclude CCBHCs from participating in other pools.  

We will take a closer look at these and other executive budget proposals during our upcoming Thursday morning NYS Council Member Support and Public Policy call.  We send all members a weekly Constant Contact reminder of this meeting on Wednesday afternoon. The call begins at 9:15 and it includes a Zoom link to attend the meeting.